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  • Simple

    Any organization can easily create and manage their digital cap table

  • Powerful

    Automate complicated actions such as voting, vesting and dividends

  • Secure

    Transparent, incorruptible transaction history validated with blockchain

  • integrated

    An end-to-end platform and marketplace of financial service providers

  • Global

    Connect to a network of global capital markets dealers and exchanges

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  • Fundraise

    Raise private and public capital fast and affordably

  • trade

    Apply for access to a network of global stock exchanges

  • Transfer

    Access a private marketplace to find similar investors

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  • Compliant

    “Everything other than bitcoin,” Chair, US Securities & Exchange Commission NYMAG 2023
    (Bitcoin is regulated as a commodity)

  • Secure

    Purpose-built blockchain for securities issuance and uses bitcoin for transactions.

  • Comprehensive

    Management, Transfers Control and Whitelisting/KYC with AMP

    Integrated wallet infrastructure with Green

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$0 /mo


  • Cap Table Management

    Easily create and manage your digital cap table

  • Security Classes

    Issue multiple security classes

  • Vesting

    Program complicated vesting schedules

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$99 /mo

All Basic plan benefits +

  • Digital securities

    Digital security issuances and wallet creation

  • Secure your ticker

    Secure your unique 5-digit ticker

  • Investor Access

    Onboard investors, including KYC/AML/Accreditation*

  • Advanced Share Rules

    Whitelisting and embedded compliance

  • Advanced Investor Rights

    Enable voting, distributions and communications

  • Investor Communications

    Communicate with your investors

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* Any direct costs associated with KYC, AML and Accreditation are additional.


$250+ /mo

All Basic and Pro plan benefits +

  • Fundraise

    Launch a fundraising campaign

  • Transfers to New Investors

    Access a private marketplace of external investors.
    US Transfer Agent services.

  • Listing

    Manage listings and ongoing requirements

  • Trade

    Access secondary markets via exchanges

  • Funds or Debt Issuance

    Funds (closed or open) and debt instruments

  • Custom Support

    Premium support with our team of experts

  • API Integration

    Receive custom data sets suited to your needs

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* Any direct costs associated with KYC, AML and Accreditation are additional.

* Any direct costs associated with KYC, AML and Accreditation are additional.

** Separate pricing depending on needs.

“I’ve known the DIGTL team for years. They have the highest integrity, true exponential thinking, and are focused on supporting innovation through technology to better the world. I will be using their ‘DIGTL’ platform for all of my digital shares and capital markets needs; I don’t think there is an alternative to this product on the market. They have built what companies need to automate digital share issuing, fundraising, listing and trading so that the organization can then maximize their time building their products and services, which is what actually shifts the world for the better.”

Salim Ismail

Chairman, OpenExo