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Connecting the world's best assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges, allowing issuers to quickly access the world's capital at a fraction of the cost, and providing investors with exciting investment opportunities.

"The time has come to shift the financial system into an open,
transparent and fair platform. Digital Markets is the organization to
lead the charge."

Salim Ismail

Chairman - Openxo

“We quickly transformed into a global exchange-traded company,
and are now connected to the world's capital markets.”

Frank Curzio

CEO & Founder, Curzio Research

“Digital Markets is the platform we trust to support the complex process of
fractionalizing our real estate, helping turn renters into owners and making
investing in condo accessible to everyone, globally.”

Rob Richards

Co-founder and CEO, Key Living & General Partner, Plaza Ventures

The World's First Tokenized
Investment in the Bitcoin Mining Network

DIGTL created global access to the Blockstream Mining Note (BMN)
through a stock exchange listing and by fractionalizing the shares 100,000 to 1.
BMN is Digital Security issued on the Liquid Network.

Trade like an Insider

WallStreetBets and DIGTL have created the first of many
innovative investment products. INSDR gives retail investors access to
the investment portfolio of a political insider like Nancy Pelosi.

Global access for NASDAQ

Global retail investors can now access some of the best
names on NASDAQ.