Connecting global investors with the world's best assets through a network of digital securities exchanges


Overview/Our Story

We are one-of-a-kind platform where global investors meet the world's finest assets. We are not just a digital securities exchange, but an intricate network of exchanges, dedicated to connecting you to opportunities across the globe. We recognize the power of your money invested through our platform as a vote for change, contributing to meaningful social impact. We are acutely aware of the potential of investments to shape the world for the better. As such, we facilitate social impact investing, enabling you to steer your funds towards ventures that align with your values and the global causes you care about. Your investments not only yield financial returns but also play a significant role in creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Every dollar invested is an affirmative vote for the kind of world you want to see. Together, we're transforming the landscape of global investing by making it not just profitable, but also purposeful.

For issuers pursuing capital, our platform is a paradigm of compliance, offering access to global capital at just a fraction of the cost. We navigate you from ideation to IPO, leveraging the power of Bitcoin tokenization - the heart of our unique offering. Our network of securities exchanges transcends borders, facilitating registry and asset ownership, immediate clearing and settlement, and offering an array of custody alternatives. Our platform is designed to run blockchain and legacy systems in parallel, ensuring a safe and smooth transition to a digital infrastructure. We are committed to being globally regulatory compliant, providing a platform that lowers cost and risk, while fostering a faster, better, and more transparent experience.

If you are an investor looking to deploy capital, you'll find that we open the door for you to experience 24/7 trading across all asset classes. We believe in accessibility, transparency, and innovation. We are transforming the landscape of global investing, making it safer, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

Company Details: Global Entities in BVI, Seychelles, Europe and Canada

Telephone Number: 1-888-GO-DIGTL

Our Vision

  • We are the most exponential organization.
  • We are the most innovative digital technology company.
  • We are the most empowering company for startups and causes.
  • We are the most respected brand in the world.
  • We create the boldest leaders

Our Mission

  • Invest in people.
  • Deconstruct oppressive systems of control by constructing democratized and decentralized alternatives.
  • Connect people.

Our Massive Transformative Purpose

  • Our massive transformative purpose is to alleviate suffering and expand human potential to enable meaningful living for every person on the planet.
  • DIGTL connects the world’s best assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges and alternative trading venues, allowing issuers to quickly access the world’s capital at a fraction of the cost, and providing investors with exciting investment opportunities.

Our Values

  • Care. Focus intensely on the needs and wants of others.
  • Think People First. Relationships first, business second.
  • Be Humble. Ask questions; seek first to understand.
  • Be Honest and Transparent. Be authentic, open and fair.
  • Share. Share your work and knowledge to increase collective value.
  • Be Quick and Agile. Pursue growth and learning; iterate fast.
  • Be Resourceful. Do more with less, and find solutions.
  • Attention to Detail. Ensure accuracy; create clarity.
  • Move the Needle. Deliver incremental, measurable results.
  • Be Free. Question “authority”; seek wisdom and clarity.

Leadership Team

At DIGTL, our success is driven by our exceptional leadership team. Comprised of visionary individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, our leadership team is committed to guiding our organization towards its strategic goals and inspiring our employees to reach their full potential.

James Wallace


Serial tech entrepreneur with 20+ businesses, venture investor in 100’s of companies, board member of the GSX Group and applied to the Financial Services Authority Seychelles to be included as a board member of MERJ Exchange.  Read more

Kyle Fry
CEO | Liquid Board member


MBA from Columbia Business School, Over 10 years as a FINRA registered representative. ~10 years senior M&A investment banker at Credit Suisse. MERJ Sponsor Advisor for over two years.  Read more

Konstantinos Ntallas

Vang Nguyen

JC Crown
Business Development

James Regan
Platform & Liquid Board member

Florin Pavel

Abigail Pickavance
Staff and Operations

Marvin Maple
Investor Support

Regulatory & Compliance

  • At DIGTL, we prioritize regulatory compliance to ensure ethical practices, transparency, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. Our commitment to regulatory and compliance standards is paramount in maintaining the trust of our stakeholders and upholding our reputation. All members are expected to familiarize themselves with relevant regulations and comply with them in all aspects of their work. It is imperative that all activities, transactions, and operations are conducted in a lawful manner and in compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements. Any concerns or potential violations should be promptly reported to the designated compliance officer, who will ensure appropriate investigation and resolution. By fostering a culture of compliance, we strive to mitigate risks, protect our organization's integrity, and contribute to a sustainable and responsible business environment.
Select Highlights of DIGTL’s team:
  • WallStreetBets and DIGTL to Launch Retail Products with Liquid Network on Global Stock Exchange Press Release
  • Fintech leaders collaborate to power the global digital securities infrastructure. DIGTL, MERJ Exchange and Liquid Network (by Blockstream) Join Forces Press Release
  • DIGTL is a founding member and shareholder of US SEC-registered transfer agent, 1transfer. Press Release
  • DIGTL acted as technology and listing advisor to TreeBR for TREE, a world’s first retirable voluntary carbon offset listed on a stock exchange Press Release
  • DIGTL listed the world's first exchange-listed Reg D+S digital security offering, offering access to global retail investors, including the US
  • The DIGTL team listed 3iQ's, "The Bitcoin Fund", on the GSX, providing crypto ETF distribution into Europe
  • The DIGTL team includes a Sponsor Advisor role, Board Member seat and investors in MERJ Exchange.
  • The DIGTL team was the sole seed investor in the world's first federally approved digital security in 2018. Press Release